Role - Lead UX Designer

Getting replacement devices to customers faster than any other carrier in country.

Verizon felt it was necessary to offer customers the option of same day delivery if they had broken or lost their device. The task given to the team was huge. Design an experience that not only works for the user, but also takes into account the logistics of getting a device from our warehouse to a customers home in less than 12 hours.

I approached this project from a mobile first stand point and thought it was important to explain to the user how this process will work, since it was a new concept in the device insurance space. I made use of custom iconography to help tell the story of how the service works. Clearly explaining to the customer the process and what they should expect from the experience.

If the user opted to continue from the previous screen we gave them the option of time windows they could choose from for a technician to pay them a visit.

We also let them choose their preferred method of contact, so that the technician can check in with them prior to the appointment.


Finally it was important that we set expectations for the customer. Let them know how long the appointment will be and also what they will need in order for it to be successful. Setting expectations here cuts down on friction during the setup process for both the customer and the technician.