Role - Creative

Building cloud-based team collaboration IRL to generate massive awareness

Among early adopters, Slack was a household name. Our challenge now? Introducing Slack to the masses at a time when competitor collaboration tools from Microsoft and Google were rising into market. We had to grab hold of market share fast, introducing the concept of cloud-based team communication to a wider, less acquainted audience and building brand equity along the way


To the unfamiliar, Slack is just a messaging app that modern workplaces use. But once they see how it works—especially the channels where various teams conversations happen—they get it. In this 30-second awareness spot, we brought that lightbulb moment to life—by building a 64-foot-long set separated into 4 rooms, each representing a different channel. This gave us a visual playground to showcase contextual shifts between channels, on-screen UI, and everyday interactions like reactions and file-sharing. Then we went big—no, really big—with a media buy, launching this campaign during the 2018 World Cup.

With adaptations for France, Germany, and the U.K., along with a collection of digital executions, Slack’s colorful, user-friendly channels won the world over.