Role - UX Researcher / Creative Strategist

Bringing fans into your world.

Concert Window is a NYC based music streaming platform that allows musicians to stream live events and monetize from the experience. It is the ideal platform for acoustic musicians to stream shows from there home or small venue and allow audience members from around the world into that experience.

I joined Concert Window as employee number five, and was tasked with understanding our user base, getting to know how they used the platform, what they felt the platform was missing and come up with ways in which we could better engage those people whilst also attracting new performers and music consumers to the site.

Having spent a number of months deep diving into the types of musician that were using the platform and where we were seeing the most potential growth opportunities, it became evident to me that adding features to the platform wasn’t going to create a seismic shift in our monthly revenue.

Through interviews with our users and getting to know how that community operated on and off the platform, I developed a strategy that would engage our main user base, bring more people to the site and establish Concert Window as the trusted platform in live music streaming.

Mid-level acoustic/folk musicians where the demographic we should target in order to show fast growth to our shareholders. I knew this because through my research, I learned that these types of musicians were already used to playing in small venues, house concerts, informal settings, so the logistics of using our platform were almost frictionless in their given environment. These types of musicians also have a legion of loyal supporters across the country, most are older professionals who spend money on the arts, as apposed to young punk bands, who’s fanbase is often below 21. Younger audience members tend to have less money, often can’t spend as much on tips or merchandise.

Mid-level acoustic musicians also need to engage there audience in new ways and make money where they can, so the chance of them returning to the platform was much higher than say if Justin Timberlake was to use the platform, he has so much global reach that this was obviously not something geared to an artist of that size. 

I played a large part in conceiving our growth strategy which included the inception of the worlds first fully online music festivals, which not only saw us bring more artists and fans to the platform, but increase our monthly revenue three fold.

Prior to the launch of Facebook live we launched a live streaming app that would allow musicians to stream from anywhere really easily. We saw low adoption of the tool in beta and struggled to convey it’s use to our users, so I came up with the idea of re branding it and instread of calling it “The Concert Window Live Streaming app” call it “Busk” a term familiar with musicians that means to play in the street or take your chance. Musicians have been busking for years, in fact it’s one of the oldest professions, so why not take busking into the 21 century. This pivot allowed us to break away from the traditional house concert streaming model and encouraged our users to create unique content in interesting locations.

Aside from conducting ethnographic research, user testing and user research labs I was responsible for bringing new artists onto the platform, curating the blog, writing all social content and developing the tone and voice of the company across social media and beyond. I implemented a successful business strategy and UX direction all of which was informed from a deep understanding of our users and our place in the market.