Role - Lead UX Designer

A complaints management system that would re-imagine how a global enterprise tracks, handles and resolves customer complaints.

The client, a multinational insurance company, needed to drastically overhaul their complaints management system and take the opportunity to move away from Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook as the main tools in managing customer complaints. The team had to create a friction-less experience for agents in order to help them resolve customer complaints more effectively.

When I was tasked with the challenge of re-imagining how the company handled customer complaints, it was critical that I understood exactly what was in place to begin with. The problems that the current system presented and any constraints that stood in our way.

 My first order of operation was to speak with a number of stakeholders to really understand the complexity of the complaint journey, determine what exactly defined a complaint, and to get an idea for where we may want to focus our efforts in order to get the project off the ground and headed towards a shared vision of success.

Initial map of a complaints journey.

From my initial whiteboard session with management and those who understood the platform at a system level, it was clear where we should focus our efforts for the year.
Given that the original process relied almost completely on the manual transfer of information between email inboxes, we had to find a way to automate this, not only to speed up the process, but to reduce the margin of error in data transfer and improve the quality of the agents day-to-day, whilst providing a superior level of support to customers.

The purpose of internal user research was to get an understanding of how the agents in the call center carried out tasks using the original system in place, understand the problems they faced with the various platforms and observe how they worked rather than ask them what it is they wanted.

The solution was a custom complaints platform that would automatically pull in customer complaints from multiple channels, live chat, email and web forms, automatically create cases based on these individual complaints and automatically assign them to agents based on quantity of work still to be completed and availability.

The platform also allowed call center agents to create tickets whilst on a live call with a customer in a fraction of the time as we designed a quick form that mirrored the agents order of questioning whilst on the phone. We also built tools for management to get insight into how everyone was performing and the ability to assign tickets to any agent across the company.

The results.

70% reduction in complaints escalating from thanks to AVA deployment

Automated Assignment of ticketsPFR shifted to lower tier agent group

35% reduction in overall agent workload

49% reduction in agent response time

Usability score of 82/100